On a maximal subgroup of the Symplectic group Sp(4,4)

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Department of Mathematics University of Limpopo


This paper is dealing with a split extension group of the form 26:(3 x A5), which is the largest maximal subgroup of the Symplectic group Sp(4,4). We refer to this extension by bar{G} . We firstly determine the conjugacy classes of bar{G} using the coset analysis technique. The structures of inertia factor groups were determined. We then compute the Fischer matrices of bar{G} and apply the Clifford-Fischer theory to calculate the ordinary character table of this group. The Fischer matrices of bar{G} are all integer valued, with sizes ranging from 1 to 4. The full character table of bar{G} is 26 x 26 complex valued matrix and is given at the end of this paper.


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