In the past 3 years, the articles of the AUT Journal of Mathematics and Computing have been peer reviewed in various universities around the world with the contribution of faculty members. Needless to say, improvement of the quality of the journal and the accurate review process are interrelated. Therefore the managers of the journal will try as hard as possible to allocate a very limited number of articles to each reviewer. As a result, the members of the editorial board kindly request our respected colleagues to contribute to the quality of AUT Journal of Mathematics and Computing by their detailed revision of the articles.

The articles accepted to be printed in the journal need to be authentic, coherent, comprehensive, accurate and scientifically innovative. Innovation on the international valid journals level is a necessity. The information provided and the calculated results also need to be cogent, credible and verified accurately and their scientific and industrial application has to be clarified. Articles which follow the paths already tried by other researchers are not accepted by the journal. It is noteworthy that your precious comments in different sections of the journal and several revisions requested to be carried out by the authors to complete their articles is of great value to the editorial board and this peer review process will make it possible for the articles to improve in the next editions.

In the end, we would like to mention that the AUT Journal of Mathematics and Computing only considers the publication of those articles which have been determined to possess a quality above average standard.

Please note that the type of review is "Single Blind Peer Review" and your comments are considered highly confidential and the authors will view your comments, questions and requests under the anonymous titles of “reviewer1” and “reviewer2”

I would like to express my appreciation for your kind acceptance of our request to peer review the articles and allocating your precious time to the journal’s editorial board.



If you face any difficulties, please contact 02166491123, 02164542656 or send an email to