List of Published Articles

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[28]   Araghi Rostami Z. On the CP exterior product of Lie algebras. AUT J Math Comput 2023;4:69–78.

[29]   Rahmati A, Tavan E, Keyvanrad MA. Predicting content-based political inclinations of Iranian Twitter users using BERT and deep learning. AUT J Math Comput 2023;4:145–54.

[30]   Davarpanah M, Moradi HR. Betterment for estimates of the numerical radii of Hilbert space operators. AUT J Math Comput 2023;4:161–7.

[31]   Naghshineh Arjmand O, Mirzaei N. Detecting semi-referees in the Plackett-Luce model. AUT J Math Comput 2023;4:137–44.

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[41]   Niksirat M. Vehicle scheduling problem under uncertainty: literature review and future perspective. AUT J Math Comput 2022;3:207–15.

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