The novel self-organizing map combined with fuzzy C-means and K-means convolution for a soft and hard natural digital image segmentation

Document Type : Original Article


Department of mathematics and computer science of Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch, Tehran, Iran


Digital image segmentation plays an important role in noise reduction and pixel clustering for pre-processing of deep learning or feature extraction. The classic Self-Organizing Map (SOM) algorithm is a well-known unsupervised clustering neural network model. This classic method works on continuous data instead of discrete data sets with a widely scattered distribution. The novel SOM(SOM2) modelling solved this problem for the classic, simple tabular discrete data set but not for the digital image data. As the essence of digital image pixels data are different from tabular datasets, we have to look at them differently. This paper proposes exploiting the novel SOM method with a hybrid combination of the fuzzy C-Means and K-means convolution filter as image segmentation and noise reduction with soft and hard segmentation as entropy reduction for natural digital images. The main approach of this paper is the segmentation of image contents for the reduction of noises and saturation pixels by entropy criteria. Based on the resulting paper, the combination of SOM2 with FCM for soft segmentation 47%-and the combination of SOM2 with k-means convolution for hard segmentation 33% can reduce the entropy of the original image on average.