The validity of a Thompson’s problem for $\rm{PSL(4,7)}$

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Amirkabir University of Technology, 424, Hafez Ave., Tehran 15914, Iran


Let $\pi_e(G)$ be the set of elements orders of $G$. Also let $s_n$ be the number of elements of order $n$ in $G$ and ${\rm nse}(G)=\{s_n| n\in\pi_e(G)\}$. In this paper we prove that if $G$ is a group such that ${\rm nse}(G)= {\rm nse}(\rm PSL(4,7))$, $19\big\vert|G|$ and $19^2\nmid|G|$, then $G\cong{\rm PSL(4,7)}$. As a consequence of this result it follows that Thompson's problem is satisfied for the simple group $\rm{PSL(4,7)}$.


Main Subjects

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