On Sobolev spaces and density theorems on Finsler manifolds

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Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Amirkabir University of Technology, 424, Hafez Ave., Tehran 15914, Iran


Here, a natural extension of Sobolev spaces is defined for a Finsler structure $F$ and it is shown that the set of all real $C^{\infty}$ functions with compact support on a forward geodesically complete Finsler manifold $(M, F),$ is dense in the extended Sobolev space $H^p_1(M)$. As a consequence, the weak solutions u of the Dirichlet equation $\Delta u=f$ can be approximated by $C^{\infty}$ functions with compact support on $M$. Moreover, let $W\subseteq M$ be a regular domain with the $C^r$ boundary $\partial W$, then the set of all real functions in $C^r(W)\cap C^0(\overline{W})$ is dense in $H^p_k(W)$, where $k\leq r$. Finally, several examples are illustrated and sharpness of the inequality $k\leq r$ is shown.


Main Subjects

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