Volume & Issue: Volume 1, Issue 2, Summer and Autumn 2020, Pages 135-270 

Original Article

1. Roadside acoustic sensors to support vulnerable pedestrians via their smartphones

Pages 135-143


Mehdi Ghatee; Masoomeh Khalili; Mehdi Teimouri; Mohammad Mahdi Bejani

3. Heuristic artificial bee colony algorithm for solving the Homicidal Chauffeur differential game

Pages 153-163


Zahra Yazdaniyan; Mostafa Shamsi; Maria do Rosario de Pinho; Zahra Foroozandeh

4. A new hash function and its use in read mapping on genome

Pages 165-170


Farzaneh Salari; Fatemeh Zare Mirakabad; Mehdi Sadeghi

5. Counting closed billiard paths

Pages 171-177


Zahed Rahmati; Sina Farahzad; Ali Rahmati

11. New directions in general fuzzy automata: a dynamic-logical view

Pages 251-262


Khadijeh Abolpour; Mohammad mehdi Zahedi; Marzieh Shamsizadeh